13 Temmuz 2011 Çarşamba

UEFA Kararını verdi

 Şu anki bilgiler doğrultusunda, soruşturmada adı geçen herhangi bir kulübün Avrupa kupalarına katılmasının reddedilmesini gerektirecek UEFA yönetmeliğine aykırı hiçbir şey yoktur.

UEFA statement on Turkish clubs

Published: Tuesday 12 July 2011, 19.00CET
UEFA is aware of the match-fixing allegations in Turkey surrounding certain clubs, individuals and players, and confirms that it is monitoring the situation on a daily basis.

EFA is fully aware of the current match-fixing allegations in Turkey surrounding certain clubs, individuals and players.
UEFA confirms it is monitoring the situation on a daily basis, and that it is in close contact with the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) on this issue.
There is no doubt this is a complex case which is still evolving, but the matches under suspicion clearly fall within the sporting jurisdiction of the TFF and the legal jurisdiction of the Turkish judicial system. UEFA therefore cannot comment on any potential outcomes.
With regard to the participation of Turkish clubs in UEFA club competitions, UEFA has full confidence in the TFF to submit to UEFA the names of the clubs to be entered based purely on sporting merit, and to take the necessary strong action in this case with the information at its disposal.
Given the information received so far by UEFA there is nothing according to the UEFA statutes or regulations that leads UEFA to refuse entry to any of the clubs currently involved in the investigations in Turkey.
In addition, every club participating in UEFA club competitions has provided UEFA with a written guarantee that they have not been involved in match-fixing activities.
UEFA requests the Turkish state authorities to pass on any relevant information regarding the ongoing investigations to the TFF as soon as possible, in order that sports justice can be carried out in the most judicious manner.
UEFA wishes to underline that even after admission to a UEFA competition a decision to exclude a club from a competition, or from any future European competitions for a number of years, can be made at any time if it transpires that the club in question obtained qualification via manipulated or fixed matches.

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